At the onset of treatment, an assessment will be conducted, which will include medical report review, parent or caregiver interview, indirect and direct assessments, and collaboration with other team members. Assessments are updated as the child's skills progress and the goals of the team change.


Based on review and analysis of the information, a treatment plan will be created and reviewed with the team prior to implementation.



Treatment will consist of one to one services and will be focused on the needs of the child while addressing skills of concern. This could include focus on one target skill or a group of skills that will increase a child's ability to function at the same level as his typically developing peers. Treatment will take place in your home and in the community. Hours recommended for treatment will be based on assessment results.


Treatment will also include parent and caregiver education and support. This training component will help parents and caregivers carry out treatment strategies long after the ABA therapist, RBT® or BCBA® has gone home.

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